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As you might know, in 2007 the union filed a national level grievance when SSA management improperly implemented the Internal Vacancies on Line program (IVOL) that dramatically changed the way employees put in for vacancies and the way that the applications are scored and how selections are made. AFGE won the arbitration.




Workers’ history continues with numerous commemorations, talks and activities during May throughout the Illinois Valley, as the Smithsonian’s “The Way We Worked” exhibit concludes its area tour. The Smithsonian traveling exhibit, which looks at workers, jobs and the many changes in the work environment, will be shown at the Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum, 1100 Canal Street in Ottawa through May 24. 



By Amanda Palleschi

March 1, 2012

Social Security Administration employees nationwide achieved some gains in working conditions and benefits in a contract agreement reached Wednesday, after more than two years of negotiations.

The contract agreement between SSA and the American Federation of Government Employees Union is currently a “conceptual,” oral agreement between the two parties, but the union expects to have a contract signed with the agency by mid-April, said Witold Skwierczynski, an AFGE representative. Once a contract is ratified, it will be valid for four years.



Per the Contract if you work a 2 hours of overtime you must have a 3rd break of 10 minutes.



Article 10 -Hours of Work, Flextime, Alternate Work Arrangements and Credit Hours


Section 1 — Hours of Work



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Vision Care—The Agreement between the Union and Management says employees that use a VDT in the course of their official duties can be reimbursed for 100% of the eye examination by an licensed optical practitioner in an amount not to exceed $50.00.

The same employee can be reimbursed up to $175.00 buy the Agency if a licensed optical certifies on the Agency forms that the employee needs the corrective lenses for VDT use. The Agency will reimburse you for eyeglasses or contacts including disposable lenses.



Do you know what a grievance is? Article 24 of the National Agreement between Union and Agency says:

A grievance means any complaint:

A. by an employee(s) concerning any matter relating to the employment of the employee;
B. by the Union concerning any matter relating to the employment of any employee; or




SSA instituted a policy in 1999 that gave employees Limited Personal Use of Government Office Equipment Including Information Technology. The SSA policy can be found on SSA Official Intranet Website: under “Use of Government Equipment”.


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