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Social Security

Does Social Security Need to be Reformed?

  • Is Social Security “going broke”?
  • Is Social Security running out of cash?
  • Wasn’t the money in the trust funds used to pay for other things, like tax cuts and wars?
  • Shouldn’t Social Security be on the table in deficit reduction plans?
  • Will the retirement of the baby boomers bankrupt Social Security?
  • Why not raise the retirement age again?

For quick answers to these, and other common questions about Social Security programs, click here.

As an employee, you can be an effective advocate for Social Security programs. Get in the know with this easy fact sheet.


Social Security: A Video about Finances, Benefits, and Public Opinion

Watch this short, entertaining video that shows how Social Security helps workers and their families pool risks to avoid loss of income due to retirement, death, or disability; the state of Social Security finances, and public opinion.