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Employees with Mobility Impairments



Article 31, Section 3. G. Employees with Mobility Impairments


During emergency conditions, employees with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent impairments, may be unable to report to work.  Management may grant excused absences even when their respective office is open.


Other Weather Delays or Absences..


Holiday Membership Gifts

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May you find the Joy & Happiness that the season brings. 

Wishing you Peace, Health and Love in the New Year. 

A $10.00 gift card in appreciation of your membership is in the mail to your last address.



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You Get $100, You Get $100

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Strength comes in Numbers! 

$100 REBATES  



If you join AFGE before February 28, 2018 you will receive a Rebate of $100.

Members, If you Recruit a new member you will receive a recruiter rebate of $100.Money

Submit your 1187 to Local 1395 office or FAX to 312-353-2334. 

Rebates are paid after 90 days. 

Contact AFGE Local 1395 for more information 312-575-5615.



$100 Rebates

$100 Rebates


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We have Benefits!

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When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10 million members of AFL-CIO unions. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues.

Are you an AFGE member? 

Please login to access your full, exclusive benefits. If you’re not, but would like to get the full benefits of union membership, please join AFGE.

No Shutdown, Yet!

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Shutdown Averted, for Now

Thanks to negotiations between Congress and the administration, a continuing resolution has been passed to stop the government from shutting down. The deal keeps the federal government open until December 22, and allows the more than 850,000 potentially furloughed working people to continue to serve the American public.

AFGE, which represents more than 700,000 workers in the federal government and the District of Columbia, hailed the deal to keep the government open, but expressed concern about a potential shutdown happening in just a few weeks’ time.

“Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to keep the government open. We are cautiously optimistic about the continuing resolution,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “Failing to fund the government’s operations is beyond unacceptable; it is completely avoidable and a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. Federal employees want to go to work. They believe in their mission and want to provide quality services to the American people. And now thanks to this continuing resolution, they can.”


Had the government been forced to shut down, a large portion of the civilian workforce – around 850,000 employees – would have been furloughed, while the remainder would have been forced to come to work without pay.

The impact on federal workers, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck, would have been severe; but the country would have suffered as well. The 2013 shutdown cost the economy $24 billion and 120,000 jobs in the private sector.

Failing to fund the government’s operations has real-world implications for everyone in this country. Federal employees ensure the safety and security of the public at home and abroad, research cures for deadly diseases, keep our air, water, and food safe for consumption, and process benefits for countless seniors, veterans, and disabled Americans every day.



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