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Save The Date!

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Holiday Joy!

Holiday Joy!

AFGE Local 1395 Holiday Extravaganza! 

December 5, 2015

More information coming Soon! 

Delta Dental

Delta Dental

Effective November 1, 2015 Delta Dental of Illinois will increase, listed below are the new rates:  

Single                            $ 35.00  monthly bank draft + TPA fee ($3.00)

Employee + 1             $ 70.01  monthly bank draft + TPA fee ($3.00)

Family                         $ 116.69  monthly bank draft + TPA fee ($3.00)




Enrollment Guidelines:

  • AFGE Members only
  • Monthly Allotments Only
  • Bargaining Unit Employees
  • Non-Bargaining Unit Employees



M L Garland-Hill Agency, INC

313-965-3533 ext 221

Cut Our Pay? HELL NO!

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Protect Your Paycheck

Congress needs to pass a budget by December 11th to prevent another government shutdown, and they’re targeting your paycheck to cover the bill. We can’t let that happen to our families and our coworkers.

Take Action Now

Tell your Lawmaker NO Sequestration and NO More Cuts to Federal Employees – Call Today!


MORE INFO:   Save My Pay Check

This information MUST NOT be downloaded using Government equipment, or read during duty time, or sent to others using government equipment. Do NOT use your government email address or government telephone in contacting your Member of Congress or Senator.



Discounts Available:  

Contact Local 1395  for Online Discount Codes  312-575-5615


Tickets $38.00

Tickets $38.00