To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself

Local 1395 Delegates attend 2015 National Convention. AFGE kicked off the 40th Convention with 1551 delegates representing 529 locals and 243,592 members. AFGE is the largest Federal  Union with almost 300,000 members.

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Left to Right:

Patricia Hayes, Earl Tucker, Cheryl Bellamy-Bonner, Richard Sorokas, Agatha Joseph (President),

Greg Senden, Archester Neal


On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Delegates re-elected National Officers;

J.David Cox, National President

Eugene Hudson Jr, National Secretary Treasurer

Augusta Thomas, National Vice President  Women & Fair Practices


union_solidarityText “AFGE” to 225568 and start receiving text alerts to the attacks on federal government employees by Congress to cut their pay and benefits all why passing tax cuts to the top 1% and corporations. Federal employees have already contributed over $159 Billion in deficit reductions with reduced and frozen pay over the last 6 years.

Enough is enough, and we need to demand that Congress stop using federal employees as the easy target.

Call, write and visit your Congressional representative and tell them “Hell No” to any further cuts on our pay and benefits.


Did You Say Pay Raise?

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Have you  heard, your representative will be voting on The “Federal Adjustment of Income Rates” or “Fair Act” that was introduced to the committee on Oversight & Government Reform on 1/13/8015.
H.R.BILL 304: To increase the rates of pay under the statutory pay systems and for prevailing rate employees by 3.8% for other purposes.

Let your representative know if you support a 3.8% pay  raise for Federal Employees by calling AFGE Legislative Hotline:  (1-844-913-7574).


Medical Bill Negotiating Service

Medical Bills

Medical Bills

 Benefit Description: 

Union Plus Medical Bill Negotiating Service provides AFGE MEMBERS with large out-of-pocket medical bills FREE assistance negotiating bill reductions with physicians, hospitals and other medical providers>  The service negeotiates with medical providers on the member’s behalf to lower costs and establish payment plans.