To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself

Don’t skip your opportunity to “Join this lawsuit” if you were an essential employee required to work during the shutdown with delayed pay.

Notice_of_Lawsuit_Against_United_States [PDF attachment] , or click on the link
Open the website and click on “join the case” Enter all contact your information to be included.

AFGE Local 1395 would like to remind our members of our MOU with the agency concerning  Religious Compensation:

Employees must repay advanced Religious Compensatory Time (RCT) before the end of the prescribed time frame, normally within eight (8) pay periods after the time is used.
When employees do not have eight (8) pay periods in advance of the approved time off, supervisors will grant employees 10 pay periods following the time off to repay the time. Supervisors will change any leave not repaid by the expiration date first to annual leave.
Click below to read the entire MOU:
Brothers and Sisters,
It’s a sad day for labor. Right to Work has passed out of both Chambers and is now headed to the Governor’s desk who is likely to sign it on Monday. The most appalling thing is how this state legislature has treated its citizens during this process (not that we didn’t see this behavior in 2011). Yesterday just minutes after debate began on the House floor, Speaker Robin Vos ordered the chambers cleared, kicking out hundreds of citizens from around the state who had come to witness the debate. We saw similar actions in the State Senate.