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Tell Your Lawmaker: Vote No on H.R. 1461

H.R. 1461 impacts federal workers’ workplace rights’. If passed, the bill will effectively eliminate official time for all federal employees and cut retirement benefits for employee representatives. This bill will be voted on soon. 

  • D.C. Office: 1-855-976-5397
  • District Office: 1-855-974-4792
  • Click here to email your lawmaker

When the Representative’s office answers, tell them this:

“Hello, my name is _____, and I’m a member of the American Federation of Government Employees from [Your City, State]. Please tell the Representative to vote NO on H.R. 1461. This bill does nothing to improve government. It is simply an attack my rights at work and my ability to provide quality service for the people I’m proud to serve. Thank you.” 

Call on your lunch and use your cell phone.

Don’t call on duty time or with a government telephone. 


Amendment Targets Official Time

Employees who are union representatives use official time to help address labor-management issues, and to aid employees in cases of alleged discrimination or retaliation, and disciplinary actions. Critics charge that official time is too expensive, while labor groups maintain that it saves time and money by avoiding litigation and time-consuming procedural avenues for settling disputes.

“Federal unions are legally required to provide full representation to all members of a bargaining unit, whether or not the worker elects to pay voluntary union dues,” Junemann wrote. “In exchange for being forced to provide representation to dues payers and non-dues payers alike, the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 permits federal unions to bargain official time arrangements to the mutual benefit of labor and management.”