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Monthly Membership Meetings

 2nd Wednesday of each Month.

Time:  6:00 p.m.

Location:  600 W. Madison, Chicago IL 60661

Room:  HWSSC Conference Room #1- 1st FL.



AFGE Election Results

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AFGE Local 1395 held its Tri-Annual election on Thursday July 28, 2016.

The following were elected:

President (1)

Agatha Joseph

Executive Vice-President (1)

Cheryl Bellamy-Bonner

Vice-President at Large (3)

Monica Harris

Eddie T Smith


Vice-President for D.O. (3)

Mario Connie

Patricia Hayes

Yesenia Navarro

Vice-President for OQP (3)

Todd Madsen

Evelyn Nesteruk

Sonia Samson

Vice-President for P.S.C. (3)           

Gregory A. Cole

Sean Shideler

Richard Sorokas

Vice-President for ODAR (3)          

Karen Clelland

Gerald Francis (Frank) Cavanagh


Administrative Director for P.S.C. (1)

Holly Justine James

Administrative Director for D.O. (1)

Charlotte Lewis

Administrative Director of OQP (1)

Earl Tucker

Administrative Director of ODAR (1)

Gregory Senden

Treasurer (1)

Deborah Flynn

Financial Secretary (1)

Monwella Foster

Office Manager (1)  

Marie Robinson

Recording Secretary (1)

Catherine A Mulligan

Correspondence Secretary (1)

Patricia Washington

Sergeant at Arms (1)

Janice Antonio

 Executive Board Member for ODAR (2)

Shirley Evans

Donald Terry Jr

Executive Board Member for P.S.C. (2)

Angela Barnhart

Executive Board Member of OQP (2)

Archester Neal

Ke Juan Stroud


Executive Board Member for D.O. (2)

Kimberly Ponder-Chism

Vanessa McCollum

Council Delegate for P.S.C. (1)

Monica Harris

Council Delegate for D.O. (3)

Patricia Hayes

Patricia Washington

Kimberly Ponder-Chism

Council Delegate for OQP (1)

Earl Tucker

Council Delegate for ODAR (1) ** 

Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention & 7th District Caucus

Patricia Washington

Patricia Hayes

Kimberly Ponder-Chism

Gregory Cole

Archester Neal

Monica Harris

Monwella Foster


**Local President -Automatic delegate by virtue of office.




The Agency has began releasing, on a staggered basis, $654.00 to employees included in this grievance settlement effective May 2016.


Click below to Read the Final IVOLSettlement Agreement between AFGE and Social Security Administration.


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Local 1395 Delegates attend 2015 National Convention. AFGE kicked off the 40th Convention with 1551 delegates representing 529 locals and 243,592 members. AFGE is the largest Federal  Union with almost 300,000 members.

WIN_20150818_122549 (2)

Left to Right:

Patricia Hayes, Earl Tucker, Cheryl Bellamy-Bonner, Richard Sorokas, Agatha Joseph (President),

Greg Senden, Archester Neal


On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Delegates re-elected National Officers;

J.David Cox, National President

Eugene Hudson Jr, National Secretary Treasurer

Augusta Thomas, National Vice President  Women & Fair Practices


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20th Annual Great America Trip

Saturday, July 25, 2015



  $40.00 Park Admission, Limit 5  tickets                           ($66.99 value)

 Includes:    FREE Meal (3:30 – 5:00)                                 ($25.00 value)

 Includes:    FREE Hurricane Harbor                                   ($5.00 value)

 Includes:    FREE Summer Thrill Pass- park return thru 9/12 ($66.99 value)

                     Options: upgrade Thrill Pass to FULL Season pass- cost $15.00 at park

                    (Upgrade Includes Hurricane Harbor & Fright Fest)


AFGE Local 1395 is growing!

In 2014 AFGE Local 1395 took 1st place for the highest membership increase in 2014. The 7th District covers three (3) states, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconson.



Richard Sorokas, Local 1395  Executive Vice President receives award from National Vice President -7th District, Dorothy James.

Don’t skip your opportunity to “Join this lawsuit” if you were an essential employee required to work during the shutdown with delayed pay.

Notice_of_Lawsuit_Against_United_States [PDF attachment] , or click on the link
Open the website and click on “join the case” Enter all contact your information to be included.

AFGE Local 1395 would like to remind our members of our MOU with the agency concerning  Religious Compensation:

Employees must repay advanced Religious Compensatory Time (RCT) before the end of the prescribed time frame, normally within eight (8) pay periods after the time is used.
When employees do not have eight (8) pay periods in advance of the approved time off, supervisors will grant employees 10 pay periods following the time off to repay the time. Supervisors will change any leave not repaid by the expiration date first to annual leave.
Click below to read the entire MOU: