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Register To Vote

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Election Date

The Chicago Board of Elections Qualifications to Register to Vote for the Nov 8, 2016 General Election 

To register to vote, you must:
– be a U.S. citizen, and
– be born on or before November 8, 1998, and
– live in your precinct at least 30 days before the election, and
– not claim the right to vote elsewhere; and
– not be in prison/jail serving time for a conviction. (Note: Ex-convicts who have completed their sentences and who meet all other requirements listed above are eligible to register and vote in Illinois.)

LINK   Register to Vote


Six ways the agency, its employees, and the American people will be hurt if they get their way:

1. A 10-day furlough of all SSA employees

2. An agency-wide hiring freeze

3. A reduction in local office hours

4. Permanent closing of many field offices

5. Increases in wait times on the national 1-800 number and field offices

6. An increase in processing time for benefits


On every paycheck you earn, you’re made a promise. The money deducted for Social Security is a promise that protects us all against the risk of lost income for our family in the event of the disability or death of a breadwinner, and in retirement. Social Security isn’t just a promise from the U.S. Government – it’s a commitment we’ve made to each other.

Social Security helps everyone, from the retirees who receive benefits after decades of hard work, to millions of children who depend on it to survive. In 2014, 3.2 million American kids directly received Social Security benefits, mostly as the result of a parent passing away. It also serves as a lifeline to the 10 million workers who are too injured to work, or disabled.

LINK: More information



On March 1, 2016, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) awarded the Federal Flexible Spending Account Program (FSAFEDS) contract to WageWorkEOBs, Inc.  Effective Thursday, September 1, 2016, the FSAFEDS program will transition administration from ADP to WageWorks.  The current phone number, fax number, and website ( will continue to be used, once WageWorks assumes administration of FSAFEDS. 

There will, however, be a blackout period, as part of the transition of contractors, when certain services are not accessible or available.

 Below are the blackout dates for specific FSAFEDS services:

Claims Submission

·The claims submission blackout period begins on Saturday, July 30, 2016 and ends Thursday, September 1, 2016.  This means that no claims can be submitted during this period.

· Participants must submit any eligible claims electronically by 4:00 p.m. eastern time on Friday, July 29, 2016.  If submitted by mail, then claims must be postmarked by Wednesday, July 20, 2016, to be processed prior to the start of the blackout period.

· All approved claims submitted by these deadlines will be paid by Monday, August 8, 2016.

· Any eligible claims that are not submitted prior to these deadlines – and claims for any expenses you incur during the blackout period – can be submitted beginning Thursday, September 1, 2016.

· Paperless reimbursement claims will be suspended on Friday, July 29, 2016 as well, and processing of these claims will resume on Thursday, September 8, 2016.

Website & Phone Line

·  The website and phone line will transition between Friday, August 26, 2016 and Thursday, September 1, 2016.

· The website, for general research, will not be available between Friday, August 26, 2016 and Thursday, September 1, 2016.

· During the phone line transition from Friday, August 26, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. eastern time to Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, employees will not be able to reach a representative and will receive a prerecorded message.

·  Participants also cannot access their online accounts during the transition period of 5:00 p.m. eastern time on Friday, August 26, 2016 to 9:00 a.m. eastern time on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Fax Number

· The same fax number will be used by WageWorks; however, the fax number should not be used during the transition period of Saturday, July 30, 2016 to Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Plan-year dates, election amount, and available balance will remain the same.

Participants will receive additional information and/or reminders over the next few months from FSAFEDS.

FSAFEDS will also communicate if any of the above dates will change.

Questions regarding FSAFEDS, including this transition, can be directed to FSAFEDS at (877) 372-3337

21st Annual Great America Trip/Picnic

July 30, 2016




Members Cost:

$40.00 Park Admission, Limit 5                                  ($68.99 value)

Includes:    FREE Meal (3:30 – 5:00)                           ($30.00 value)

Includes:    FREE Hurricane Harbor                             ($5.00 value)

Includes:    FREE Refillable Season Drink Bottles**     ($15.99 value )

Includes:    FREE Summer Thrill Pass- return thru 9/5    ($68.99 value)

Options: upgrade Thrill Pass to FULL Season pass- cost $15.00 at park

 (Includes Hurricane Harbor &  Fright Fest)

**Refillable Season Drink Bottles:  

1 free bottle for 1-3 tickets — 2 free bottles 4-5 ***LIMIT OF 100 (While supplies last)



Cash:                         Exact Amount only, (No change available) ID Required


Money Order:               Payable to: AFGE Local 1395 —— NO CHECKS


Union Office:                Wed. – Fri. 12:00 to 1:00 —- (Lunch only)

EFFECTIVE: Thursday July 7th

MAIL IN DEADLINE JULY 17, 2016Tickets By Mail:

AFGE Local 1395

ATTN: Great America

600 W. Madison, 6th fl., Chicago, IL 60661


(Must include: Full Name, Mailing Address, & Daytime Phone,

                                  Money orders only)


                                                   NO REFUNDS




Southern Fried Chicken,

Grilled Chicken Breast w/lettuce, tomato, bun

Hot Dogs, Corn Cobbette,

Mostaccioli w/Marinara Sauce

Potato Salad, Pasta Salad,  Potato Chips, Fruit Medley,

Premium Ice Cream

 Classic Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Lemonade




In Rememberance

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memorial day -2



Keep the Promise to Veterans

Congress’ VA Commission on Care has been rigged against veterans from the start. It is stacked with for-profit, pro-privatization hospital executives who have called for shutting down VA hospitals and selling out veterans’ health care and your job to the lowest bidder. Veterans overwhelming prefer the VA for their health care. We must stand together and urge lawmakers to keep the promise we’ve made to veterans for their sacrifice.

Take Action Now

 Call Congress at 844-913-7574

 Tell the Commission on Care: Don’t Privatize the VA

Spread the Word

Share these recent Op-Eds and news articles that expose the true purpose of the Commission on Care.



The Agency has began releasing, on a staggered basis, $654.00 to employees included in this grievance settlement effective May 2016.


Click below to Read the Final IVOLSettlement Agreement between AFGE and Social Security Administration.


union meetings


Monthly Membership Meetings

 2nd Wednesday of each Month.

Time:  6:00 p.m.

Location:  600 W. Madison, Chicago IL 60661

Room:  HWSSC Conference Room #1- 1st FL.



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Growing Stronger Every Day!

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Big Enough to Win- Update

Where are the Discounts?

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